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The post Completes Successful ERT Tokensale Hitting Hard Cap, Begins Building Largest E-Gaming Community Worldwide appeared first on CCN This is a.Gaming Stars is an ongoing decentralized platform built on top of Ethereum that aims to revolutionize the global eSports industry. Concludes ICO

Did you contribute to the ICO with your Jaxx wallet but you cant see your ERT tokens.

View eSports financial data, number and percent of tokens distributed in the ICO, token ticker, price of the token and bonuses. Started Successful Initial Coin Offering to

The community is expected to be rewarded with eSports Reward Token (ERT) for submitting quality content regarding different esports. Later on,.The esports news and cryptocurrency website has allegedly not paid multiple employees and freelancers proper compensation for.

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The Ethereum-based token, ERT, is geared towards the esports community and willpower their one-stop service platform for game and hardware merchandise,.Best ICOs, tokens, cryptocurrencies, altcoins, app coins and blockchain projects.

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The website has the esports Reward Token (ERT) as its official platform currency. - ICO Examiner

Theta aims to disrupt the video delivery industry by issuing its tokens to streamers, eSports players,. the streaming experience will be smooth and of high quality.

ERT is already tradeable on cryptocurrency exchange Coinexchange,.

The Crypto coin (ERT) fell by -1.30% in 24 hours

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This high-quality experience, meaningful to gamers all over the world,.

Tokens and cryptocurrencies - have successfully completed the ICO of their new token ERT which will be the official currency of was supposed to be possible to use this ERT token for sports betting as well. the original concept of an eSports betting token does not seem to have worked.Its ERT token will be tradeable on, followed by a planned launch on HitBTC in the first of this year. (ERT) - Live streaming prices and market cap

Live prices from all markets and ERT coin market Capitalization.

The Ethereum-based token, ERT, is geared towards the esports community and will power their one-stop service.

eSports.Com - a Major eSports Platform is on its Way

The world of esports is followed enthusiastically, just like physical competitive sports. A Substantial Upgrade to eSports Industry

eSports Reward Token (ERT) to be Listed on HitBTC - ABC-7

eSports.Com - a Major eSports Platform is on its Way

ERT stands for Esports Reward Token and is the main currency on our community platform. ERT is also a way to reward quality user content.A team of gamers is working on developing a consumer based gaming portal that will offer high quality and meaningful experience to their.

The blockchain is being credited as a tool that may be a valuable tool in esports. - Crypto-currency exchange / MultiWallet

eSports Reward Token (ERT) to be Listed on HitBTC -

The amount of ERT in this storage determines how many tokens can be awarded for creating quality content on the platform.The Ethereum-based token, ERT, is geared towards the esports.

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